The most commonly used Operating Systems

The most commonly used Operating Systems

The number of people who use computers has grown drastically over the past couple of decades. It was somewhat uncommon to find a computer within a private residence thirty years ago. However, just about every middle-class home has at least one computer, while many have multiple.

Through this growth, software developers have thrived in creating various applications that we depend on while using the computer. The most important of these software applications is the operating system in which the entire computer functions. Below are some of the most widely used operating systems.


Most people are familiar with Microsoft and their Windows operating system. While there is much more of a competitive market now than a decade ago, Windows is still a dominant entity in the OS industry. Due to this fact, software developers emphasize ensuring their software is compatible with Windows-based systems over others.


MAC OS is the operating system developed by Apple and thus used on their products. This operating system is becoming more popular as more people prefer MACs over Windows computers. However, one drawback still exists: the lack of software available to MACs compared to Windows-based systems. In addition, while many software developers emphasize creating multiple versions of their software for multiple operating systems, online interfaces such as those used in online college courses are occasionally incompatible on a MAC.


Linux is an open-source operating system that is most popular among technologically proficient people. It has a small but loyal following.

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