Surprising Old Technology

Surprising Old Technology

In this article you will find a collection of gadget/tech concepts that people feel it to be “current technology”, but has existed for a long time. Of course, this list is definitely not complete.

If you know anything that matches the theme but we have missed, please suggest them in the comments section bellow the content of this article.

The main reason these concepts are more widespread today is because of falling prices and advancements in processor speed, computing power and storage, making it more feasible. But if you find some companies coming up with current products based on these old concepts act as though they invented the concept, please send them a reminder.

IBM Simon [First Smartphone. 1993 Also the first smartphone with touchscreen]
Dont miss the Full view of the UI(big file)

Xerox Alto :[Desktop , 1973]

Xerox Star:[Desktop, 1982, dont miss screenshots .. search on youtube too]

EO personal communicator/Penpoint OS 1991 (its 50 mins long, but its
just superb considering its from 1991, so please make time to watch.
you can skip first 8.5 mins if you are in a hurry):

The dev tool demoed in 1994 is not less awesome:

Patent of iPod like device back in 1979

First hand writing recognition was partly mechanical , Nov 1914 (yes, 1914)

First digital camera 1975

17000 mile journey on a modified cycle with a solar powered laptop back in 1983

First HDTV (monochrome, 819 lines) came in 1949!

The “mouse” demo from 1968 . [more than just the mouse, it was the data management ideas that I liked. We could probably call it one of the first crude “mashups”.

Disclaimer : these were a bunch of stuff I came across by searching on the internet. I have not researched thoroughly about them, nor have I confirmed these. Though these info have been got from somewhat reliable sources, I do not give any kind of assurance that the data/information is correct. I only added items here which I got impressed by the age of the claim and quality/geekery.

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