5 WordPress Plugins to Enhance Security

5 WordPress Plugins to Enhance Security

WordPress is the most widely used blogging system. It’s the biggest target of some big hackers. Here is a list of some security plugins for WordPress.

1.)  Wordpress Security Scan: This is an excellent plugin that utilizes the Linux style of permission and access rights for various users of the website. The security plugin will change the chmod conditions of the database and advises the certain permissions for various users of the blog. When you first install this plugin, it will perform the initial checking of the database and then looks for the potential threats associated with it. Some of the other features included in the plugin are:-

  1. Database Security and Continuous backups
  2. Removes versioning and other vulnerabilities from the meta tag
  3. WP Admin password protection and security
  4. Removes WP generator from meta tag

2.) WordPress Semisecure Login Reimagined: This security plugin is the reimagined version of the original Semisecure Login. The plugin improves the login process by using a combination of public and private key encryption. JavaScript needs to be enabled so that the key can be embedded. This plugin is useful over those connections where the SSL encryption is not used. The newer version works with phpass hashed passwords that are extensively used by WordPress. It requires the PHP to be compiled with openssl support which is a standard these days.

3.) AskApache Password Protect: This is another plugin that uses the basic HTTP authentication to add an additional layer of security on your blog. This plugin doesn’t mess with your database or any other aspect of the blog. It in turn focuses on the addition of additional layers of security on your blog. The plugin builds a virtual wall all around your blog. This plugin gets updated automatically so that your blog remains protected from unskilled attackers and script kiddies.

4.)  WP-DB-Backup: This plugin will help you in taking the backups of various tables of the WordPress database. All the core and important tables are backed up after a certain amount of time automatically. The easy to use interface will always let you know what operations are being performed on the database. The plugin can backs up your data on your hard disk or you can always tell it to email you. This plugin is ideal for those whose hosting is always prone to failure.

5.) Login Lock Down: This security plugin protects against the brute force password discovery. The plugin works by recording the timestamp and IP Address of the incoming requests from the clients and then after certain number of attempts it will block the request from the client for a short period of time.

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