O'Cyrus Torrence NFL Draft 2023: Scouting Report for Florida IOL

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GAINESVILLE, FL - OCTOBER 08: Florida Gators offensive lineman O'Cyrus Torrence (54) during the game between the Missouri Tigers and the Florida Gators on October 8, 2022 at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field in Gainesville, Fl. (Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

HEIGHT: 6'5"











— Massive frame and build with good length and a wide base to engulf defenders.

— Very good play strength to reestablish the line of scrimmage in the run game and anchor in pass-protection.

— Excels in the power-run game, uprooting defensive tackles on down blocks and double-teams as the post and drive man, routinely creating vertical and lateral displacement.

— Uses his frame, length and power to create cutback lanes in the zone-run game by covering up and widening defenders further than they want to go.

— Reliable processing skills to key, diagnose and handle basic line games and stunts.

— Eats the bull rush and can anchor quickly when squared up against power rushes.

— Plays with a nasty demeanor and consistently looks to finish defenders throughout games.


— Tends to lean and not keep his head out of blocks when isolated against sub-package rushers rather than maintain proper posture and patience, leaving him vulnerable to losing quickly.

— Can be a tick late releasing off combo blocks, causing him to be tardy to pick up quick-trigger linebackers.

— Shows mediocre agility on the move and struggles to adjust his track when necessary, leaving him susceptible to missing his target in space on the second level and on pulls.


— 11 starts at right guard in 2022.

— Named AP first-team All-American, becoming the first Gator offensive lineman to achieve the distinction since Mike Pearson in 2001.


— Former 3-star prospect out of St. Helena College and Career Academy in Greensburg, Louisiana

— Started 35 games over three seasons at Louisiana before transferring to Florida in 2022. Finished his career with 46 starts

— First true freshman offensive lineman to start at Louisiana since 2004

— First-team All-Sun Belt in 2021

— First-team All-SEC in 2022

— Never allowed a sack during his college career (over 3,000 snaps)

— Decided to skip his team's appearance in the Las Vegas Bowl to prepare for the draft

— Invited and accepted his invite to the 2022 Senior Bowl


O'Cyrus Torrence is a four-year starter inside Billy Napier's multiple-run scheme with 46 career starts inside at guard during his time at Louisiana (2019-2021) and Florida (2022). He has a massive, hulking build with a thick midsection, solid arm length and massive hands.

Torrence wins using a combination of sheer size, a strong center of gravity and a high-level ability to generate and absorb force in the run and pass game. He is an adept gap run-blocker who excels covering up defensive tackles, resetting the line of scrimmage and creating displacement vertically and laterally on down, base and double-team blocks.

Torrence has the necessary blend of power to create instant movement and uproot defenders when needed, with the strength to strain, sustain and steer them out of rush lanes. He flashes the balance and body control to absorb contact on the move when he catches defenders square down the midline of his frame, and he has the grip strength to stay attached against shed attempts. However, he will get top-heavy, leave his feet behind and lunge at fast-flowing, twitchy defenders that work across his face.

Torrence does a nice job staying inside-out on pass-rushers, showing the patience to maximize his size and not get overaggressive with his hands. That forces rushers to work around or through his frame.

Torrence has firm, powerful strikes and does a nice job relying on his inside hand to widen rushers. He also has the invaluable ability of bracing through his core and anchoring quickly to stymie the bull rush. He's a quick processor with alert eyes to anticipate line games and stunts while being a force of nature when uncovered, routinely caving in adjacent rushers to clear the pocket.

The one area of concern is against high-level 3-techniques and sub-package rushers that can get him isolated with wide alignments and make him play in space. That negates his strength and power.

Overall, Torrence has starter-level size, play strength and power, with the right demeanor to be a potential impact starter at guard in most schemes. Ideally, he would plug into a run and play-action focused offense that incorporates a healthy mix of gap concepts to suit what he does best and maximize his physical traits and skill set.

GRADE: 7.8 (Potential Impact Player/Round 2)




Written by B/R NFL Scout Brandon Thorn